Half of an ed sheeran concert is incredible music and the other half is him tripping over cords and amps

I have no idea what you’re talking about. 




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A follower mailed me a bag of dark substance with the word nutella written on it and i dont know if i should open it or not  Also how did you find my address

So I didn’t read the letter when I posted this picture but it actually came with a letter so I’ll type it out:
"Hi Jason!
It is one of your followers, and I thought I’d send this to you because I saw that you said you were sad.
So I give you puns so you may be happy.
What did the apple tree say to the worm at the party?
Leave me alone
Why was the skeleton afraid to fight? 
He didn’t have the guts
Why do I not enjoy calculus
Its just really limiting
Instead of being rational and doing my calculus homework I am writing you this letter. These are tearable [the rest of the page is tear off]
-the back page-
Also, when I’m sad I like to eat nutella so I put some in the baggy in the envelope.
I just wanted to let you know that you are really an amazing person.
And your gonna do great with whatever your worrying about. And even if you don’t it’s okay because no ones perfect and we all make mistakes.
-one of your followers”
This is probably the nicest thing any of you has ever done for me,
Really amazed, wow. 


i just farted and from down the hall i just heard mum giving me a round of applause


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Q: Is it bad I'm 14 and haven't had my first kiss yet? Or a bf bc everyone I know is dating someone AND then there's just me...


No- that’s perfectly normal.


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I still remembered when I actually got asks from people

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